Thursday, January 8, 2009

My best friend is back!YAY!!!!

Liz and me.Yes,it's majorly photoshopped,but it's the most recent picture of us together.The guy who did this for me,made her upper lip disappear.Magic

No,she wasn't away on holiday or anything,but she was living in this remote part of the country on a farm where she ran a guest house/hotel thingy,and just recently moved back to civilization (Gansbaai,South Africa - Home of the White Shark Cage Diving).Anyway,so last Friday she got a new job as manager for an organic products health shop (or something like that).

And you know what that Internet,and Facebook Chat!Yay!

For the first time in what feels like forever,we can talk (well,chat online) without hearing echos on the phone or her having to climb on a mountain to get cellphone signals.

I love this girl like my own sister (maybe even more sometimes) and we have been best friends since 2nd grade (16 years).She is the one person I can share everything with and not feel insecure or ashamed.She is beautiful inside and out,and is probably the most skilled person,much less woman,I have ever known.She is good at everything,cooking,cleaning,fixing cars,computers,etc,etc.

I love you Liz!


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