Thursday, February 5, 2009



- It's Thursday,so it's nearly Friday,so it's nearly weekend.
- I've already had 3 sandwiches today,and am looking forward to making a very nice pasta dish tonight - still have to figure out what.
- I got a Valentines Card yesterday already.
- I've been reading the coolest blogs today,so the day went by pretty quickly.
- I'm going to buy myself something sweet and fattening on my way home after work.


- The Valentines Card I got was from my Aunt (very sweet,but still...not
- It's over 40 degrees celsius today,and that's the forecast for the rest of the weekend too,so I'll be stuck indoors,lest I get burned to a crisp.
- Maya (the kitten) is completely ignoring me and only sleeping with JC,on JC or anywhere in the vicinity of JC - very annoying (and makes me think why does all my cats hate me so?Do I smell funny or something?)
- The month has only just begun,and already I'm having to count cents in order to have enough for each week.Poorness sucks big time ass.
- An old school friend of mine is coming to visit this weekend (her parents still live here) and I am not looking forward to her particular brand of moaning and groaning about shit.I have enough crap of my own to think about,without her trying to turn it into some sort of competition of "my life sucks worse than yours does".I think that's a game where no one wins,am I right?

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creative kerfuffle said...

interesting list. what are the cool blogs you had fun reading? i love new blogs.

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