Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Boys and Girls

This song is so typically 90's,which was the era I grew up in.Even though I wouldn't be caught dead listening to this out loud now (you know,since I've become so super cool in my mid-20's #doubtful),this particular song brings back great memories of my best friend and I during school vacations at our beach house,walking around all day planning how we would get the boys to like us,watching the boys surf,walking around looking for boys.Basically doing everything that can be done with boys,without actually talking to any of them.Those were the days.This song is the musical equivalent of the perfume 'Sunshine' by Revlon,which isn't sold here anymore,but if I smell anything remotely similar,brings back all the vacations from like 8th grade through to 12th grade.

Good times.

PS.this song is trés corny,but actually makes me want to be a happy girl.Weird.

1 Comment:

drollgirl said...

ACK!! that song is out of control!!!!

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