Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I can be a bitch,but I love my pets

I can be a very bitchy person,sarcastic,pessimistic,and sullen.I don't even try to deny that anymore.But if there is one thing about me that is as certain as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west,I love my pets.All the pets from my past,the one I have now,and for sure the ones in my future.I love my pets with a strength that I rarely bestow on any humans (except for those very close to me).

Dogs and cats just have a certain kind of magic to them,that a lot of humans lack,and a lot of them certainly have better personalities than most humans.I have always had either a dog or cat,and can't imagine a home without either one.I get very emotionally attached and whenever a pet dies,I don't just get over it.I grieve as if it is a human family member I've lost.In school,after our cat (who was 15 yrs old when he died)died,I spent weeks combing over the Bible to see if I could find some kind of reference to whether or not animals' souls go to Heaven,because it broke my heart to think that I would never see him again.To this day I believe that all animals' souls do in fact go to Heaven,because they are pure,and devoid of evil.Whatever an animal does is for survival and out of instinct.Unlike humans.

So it should come as no surprise that I find the idea of memorialising your family pet in any way possible to be the best thing ever.I think people tend to underestimate the love some have for their pets,and make light of the death of a beloved pet.But this site proves that there are people who care.I think paying our last respects to man's best friends,is the least we can do for the love,respect,loyalty and entertainment they give us their whole lives.


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