Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a terrible Tuesday,a.k.a. worthless post

Everything at work is irritating me these days,and I hate it!It's not like I don't enjoy my job,I do,and I LOVE my bosses,they're really great.But this superbitch I work with,is really getting to me,again.

But I'll spare you another rant about her.Something else is weirding me out and causing me irritation during daytime.I have a phone stalker.Or at least I think I do.Some asshole is calling me at night,sometimes at ungodly hours like 2am or 4am,with a private number,waking me up every time.And once I'm awake its virtually impossible for me to get to sleep again within about an hour.So my sleep is completely wrecked.I've put my cellphone (which I use as alarm in the morning as well) on silent,but I don't really want to do that,because what if my mom or someone I love has some sort of emergency,and I don't pick up because of this asshole?

Also,I'm still getting ready for our big end-of-year stocktake this weekend,and the idea of working on Friday night,and on Saturday,when Sunday is my birthday,is really getting to me.I don't understand why though,but it is.I just want to get it over with and let it be the 27th so that I can go away with JC for the weekend.That is,honest to God,the only thought that is keeping me sane right now.Because my overactively insane brain is thinking up a lot of crap and making me even more irritated.

I am weird.I wish I could just stop thinking some times,because its going to get me in a lot of unneeded crap someday.

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drollgirl said...

hang in there. your weekend with your man will make it all better. it'll get here pretty soon.

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