Monday, February 16, 2009

Postsecret Monday

I'm so saddened by this secret.I visit my dad's grave at least once a month,and don't know how I would feel if my relationship with him was like this person's

I know that I would stay with my boyfriend no matter what,because he would do that for me

This one is super funny,and might as well have been sent by me!

This gives me hope for relationships!

This is the freaking cutest thing!I can just imagine what a cute couple these two are

More secrets to be found on Postsecret,every Monday.These are just some of my favorites.


Once A Bride said...

That's a great site, isn't it? It's amazing what some people hold in.

helovesmenot said...

i loveee post secret. on sundays i don't go to church, i read post secret, it's my own personal religion.

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