Monday, February 9, 2009

The new week

Once again the weekend flew by at the speed of light,and I already feel like I never had a weekend at all.Work is really busy right now,with preparations for stocktaking (which,btw,is happening on the weekend of my birthday - cool,huh?),so I am reading the blogs I follow and working inbetween.Can't just work,I know that sounds lazy,but I would go crazy if I did,because my very bitchy co-worker is letting me answer all the phone calls again,and so I'm not getting any of my work done anyway.

{Weekend Recap}

- On Friday night I made a very delicious soya mince pizza (again) and JC and I watched 'Best of the Best' (old school,and not my choice).My friends from Cape Town came by at like 10 at night because they were taking their new Rottweiler puppy for a walk.It was sweltering hot even at that time of night (27 degrees celsius!),so we all chatted for a while,and after they left I just didn't see the point in staying up later,because for some reason I was bone tired.JC stayed up till 1am to finish watching a 20/20 cricket match,which I wouldn't have wasted my time watching,seeing as neither of the teams had any hot guys in them,and it was on till 1am.

- Saturday we defrosted our fridge,did the laundry,and made a brunch for my Cape Town friends.It was once again insanely warm,and the only time I went outside the whole day was to put the washing on the line,and take it off again.All the clothes dried in less than an hour.It was that hot.At about 6pm we decided to have a braai (bbq),and a few drinks,seeing as it was starting to be a bit stuffy inside,since we hadn't left the living room all day.The poor aircon worked overtime,and did its best to cool everyone down,but it was just not going to happen.We sat around drinking,eating and basically talking a lot of crap,when all of a sudden raindrops start falling.Those type of drops that actually hurt your skin when they fall on you,their so heavy.Either way,it actually got even hotter after that.And also,the power went out.But luckily only for about 10 minutes.After everyone left,it was still early (11pm),but I was a little drunk and just wanting to climb in bed and sleep,but JC had other plans and wanted to listen to some music (his code for karaoke),because I told him thanks,but no thanks,I'm going to bed,and as soon as the music started,I could hear him singing loudly along with all the songs.His favorites being Bon Jovi and James Blunt.All fine if listened to once in a while,but when he gets drunk,singing along to these guys' songs,is like a must.

- Sunday morning my bitch of a friend woke me at 9,after I explicitly told her,no earlier than 12,since Sundays are really the only day of the week that JC and I get to sleep in.They basically just came around to say goodbye,since they were going back to Cape Town that afternoon,but as soon as I'm awake,I can't just climb back into bed and sleep again,so I just started cleaning up after the previous nights' braai.The day ended with a clean mini-kitchen (but still dirty mini-livingroom and bedroom,since I didn't have time to clean this weekend.It was too hot for cleaning anyway),lots of food being eaten (especially by me on Sunday),2 trashbags full of alcoholic beverage bottles and a kitten that played outside all day,and gave her 'mom and dad' absolutely no attention all day.So the day was kind of 50/50.

This week there is really nothing major to look forward to,but in my experience,those are the weeks when the weirdest stuff tend to happen,because you're not expecting anything to happen.So,we'll see.

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Ruggy13 said...

Sounds like your weekend was fun!! Check out my blog! I left you an award!

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