Monday, February 2, 2009

A bit of pregnancy and a side of a wedding for everyone!WTF?!

This picture incorporates both pregnancy and weddings,so it works out well

Listen,I have absolutely nothing against either of these things,and hope to one day do one,or if I'm lucky,both of these things.But right now,at the very beginning of this new year,I am being bombarded by announcements of impending weddings and joyful (and some not so joyful) pregnancies.It is just all too much for me to handle.Even my own sister is getting married in September.After hearing of the estimated 10 weddings happening (you have to remember,I live in a very small town) I even asked her to consider postponing the wedding to next year.She wouldn't listen,and the wedding is going ahead as previously scheduled.

Now, the pregnancies.Its like a fertility clinic in this town right now,with people getting pregnant left,right and centre.I'm beginning to feel very suspicious (and afraid) of the towns' water supply,because I'm starting to think this is some kind of mass by water-sterilization of the women in this town.For what purpose,I don't know.

Although I love children,and especially adorable babies (see my previous posts),I am so much happier when I get to spend a day with my niece and nephews,and when they get tired and cranky,to just be able to hand them right back to their parents,and be able to get a great nights' sleep.That arrangement is still working really well for me.

So if things get any worse (ie. I hear of any more weddings or pregnancies) I will be forced to lock myself in a bombshelter somewhere,because really,it is just ridiculous already.


drollgirl said...

dude, i hear ya. babies babies BABIES. everywhere.

creative kerfuffle said...

well, i've had my two and i'm done. last year was my year for so many people i know having babies. i love my baby niece to death but it is cool not to have to get up in the middle of the night anymore!
drollgirl--i LOVE your kittie pic!

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