Tuesday, February 3, 2009

South African National Anthem

After posting about how the American National Anthem always gives me chills,I went on Youtube and got the South African Anthem,and you know what?It sound so beautiful to me now,even though I must be honest,I don't really understand all the words.

You see,South Africa has 11 official languages,and the anthem has I think about 4 of those in it,and the only ones I understand,are in the song from around the 1:11 mark.First Afrikaans (my home language) and the song ends in English.

Don't actually mind the video,because the flag is the wrong way around.The black is supposed to be on the left hand side.

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Little Miss Tiara said...

wow... haha... I've never heard any of other countries national a nthem before (I mean, not looking for it on youtube... I did hear some on TV...) but yeah, this one is great, sounded so... nationalist, lmfao (of course! It's a national anthem duh!)

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