Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No 'Idea Tube' for me

Sounds weird,but I think the Idea Tube in my head,where original and interesting ideas for things to blog about,should come from (and probably does come from for most other people) is either not working,or I simply don't have one.Because seriously,I've been sitting here all day trying to think of something that I can turn into at least a sort of-interesting post.

But nothing.All I've achieved was chatting with L on Facebook,as well as drinking about half a dozen cups of tea/coffee.So all-in-all not a very productive day,to say the least.The other night as I was drifting off to dreamland,I had the most awesome idea for a blogpost,and I can remember telling myself in my head,that I should not forget this idea,and my little brain told himself to not worry,how can I possibly forget such an awesome idea?Well,obviously my brain has Alzheimers',because this kind of thing actually happens to me all the time,seeing as I am the most forgetful person I know.

So obviously I forgot the awesome idea,and yeah,that was a week ago and I haven't yet had another good idea.It's not really that I want bunches of readers on my blog or want to make money off of it,nothing like that.I just don't want people to accidentally come across my blog,and go away thinking to themselves "Geez,what the hell is this chick thinking writing on a blog,on the Internets,where other people can actually see it?She should be stopped,because she will cause widespread boredom".

I really don't want that.


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