Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Strange Rituals

We all have strange little rituals we perform each day,things that we started doing one day,and just kept on doing it with such regularity that it ends up becoming a necessity to get through your day.This ritual can be anything,and I don't think I can even start to try and imagine all the weird an wacky rituals people have out there.

The one ritual that I have,that I find the strangest and some people might frown a little at,is checking the obituaries.Every day,no matter how busy I am,I always take time to look through the obituaries in the newspaper.It's not that I have some kind of morbid fascination with death or anything,I suppose it just came to be because my dad used to do it,and later on in his life,we would always do it together.I do tend to get sad when I look through the obituaries,because they make me think of my dads' one that we had in the newspaper two days after he died.And I remember all the feelings I felt at that time (and even now) when I read that,so whenever I see these words of love for a deceased loved one,I can just imagine the pain and loss these people are feeling.

You see all kinds of obituaries,for young people,old people,distinguished and poor people.But to be honest,for me the most heartwarming obituaries have to be the ones of deceased pets.More and more this has been appearing in the newspaper,and it just makes me feel so happy to know that there a still people out there that have so much love to give,that they even do this little ritual for their pets.

What is the strangest ritual you have?


drollgirl said...

oh this is too sad. i couldn't do it. i lose my mind over sad things.

creative kerfuffle said...

i can't read obits, too depressing. i don't know if i'd call my thing a ritual, but when i take a shower i have a certain order to the process: wash hair, rinse, put in conditioner, wash body, shave, wash face, rinse hair and face and (here's the crucial thing)wring hair and turn counterclockwise to get out of the shower even though the shower curtain is clockwise. it throughs me off if i don't do that turn before getting out. now that i've actually typed that out it seems incredibly stupid LOL

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