Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aren't they pretty?

And I'm not being sarcastic.These women are all gorgeous and look like a million bucks.And that's in the before (photoshopping) pictures.The photoshopped ones?Not so nice.In fact they all look kind of the same,even though I bet in real life,they look nothing alike,but photoshopping creates this plastic,shiny,clonish look to all people,which is quite disturbing.Just like Cosmopolitan magazines covers,where,no matter who is the cover girl,the pose is always the same.It kind of looks like they use the same body every time,and just change the face and colours.Very weird.

Hallo!She had almost just had a baby,and she looks like that?She seriously doesn't need all that touching up.Maybe the photographer could just have had better lighting
I've always been jealous of Kate's supercreamy porcelain skin,and it's actually a very good thing for me to see that even she doesn't always look so picture perfect
I don't know who this is,but she's hot.Sure,she has a few wrinkles,but look at that body?I would kill a neighbour for a body like that
Faith Hill,gorgeous,gorgeous,gorgeous.So why do they feel the need to make her arm into a toothpick?
Christina looks beyond hot,and not even a gram overweight,so why are they slimming her down even more?
You can see they hardly did anything to Kim's face,which is perfect,but they always have to slim down the ass and thighs.Why?I mean,her thighs are still probably like miniature versions of mine.I think she looks good in both pics

It is really sad to me that we as a people have become so superficial,that we won't buy a magazine or a product if the spokesperson or covergirl doesn't look COMPLETELY perfect.Us,shall I say,'normal' women will never be able to get over our self esteem issues,because there will always be this very unattainable standard of beauty,that in most part,isn't even real,but rather computer-generated.


Ruggy13 said...

wow famous people look normal sometimes!

Great post. it's a great reminder that these girls were beautiful before all the touch ups

Namine said...

I think I like the top and bottom ones the best. I can understand why people use photoshop, it's suppose to enhance, but it shouldn't be used to this extreme.

creative kerfuffle said...

faith's "new" arm actually looks sorta creepy.

...love Maegan said...

a blemish here and there I understand but they go to extremes to make them look unreal ...Jessica Alba is the worst!!! Too much!!!

kel said...

That ticks me off! I wonder how much airbrushing is done on the guys?

drollgirl said...

it is all such a mind fuck -- seeing gorgeous women, knowing they are photoshopped, and still feeling like a toad while looking at them. ugh. even when you are wise to it, it still seeps in and messes with your head.

vintageveggie said...

this is so upsetting.. i'll never look at a fashion magazine the same way.

Awesome Sara said...

faith hill looks gorgeous before the photoshop. kim kardashian is so pretty!!!

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