Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bedroom Bliss

I don't know about you guys,but one of my favorite rooms in our apartment,is the bedroom.Well,seeing as our apartment only consists of an open-plan living room/kitchen,a bedroom and a very,very tiny bathroom,there's not much to choose from.However,no matter where I've lived (which is only 2 different places ~ in my whole life),the bedroom has always been MY space.The place where I can recharge myself for the next day,and as they always say on 'Cribs',where the *magic* happens.

But seeing as I live in a broke-ass country,and I can't afford to decorate my place,because even the cheapest decor places are insanely expensive,I live vicariously through pictures I see on Flickr,weheartit or wherever.I get insanely jealous,just imagining what it must be like to go to bed in one of those rooms.

My taste is very strange,because I love the cleancut look,where minimalist is IN,but on the other hand,I freak for rooms that look so comfy,lived-in and basically like it hasn't been touched by a vacuum cleaner for years.On the one hand ~ very plain,muted colors,on the other hand ~ all the jewel colors,in their deepest tones.

{Examples of envy-enducing bedrooms ~ at least in my opinion}

{weheartit has way too many beautiful bedroom pictures to feature on here.Go check them all out on the site.You will have a visual orgasm,I swear.}


Awesome Sara said...

My dear sweet penny... this post made me a little sad bc everyone should have a dream bedroom. i'm going to dedicate a all bedroom post for you. give me a week bc i do most of my posts on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

the bedroom photos are one of my favorite parts of We Heart it. and i like most of your picks - personal fav is the one with the amazing chandelier over an open bath tub... how relaxing would that be.

my room is also my favorite room in the house - i call it my cave. :D

@$#133! said...

OMG I love these rooms! I used to have a cool room but then I had to take down all my stuff because I left for university. Now I envy people with cool rooms. grrr :-P

Chele said...

oh I love these posts, I love seeing pretty rooms and bedrooms I love love. the 2nd and 4th one is so my style

Cat with a garden said...

Yep. ENVY. We got it.

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