Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I want THAT one!

One of the funny people I follow on Twitter,started twittering about Little Britain this morning..This is one of my all-time favorite shows,and that might make me a very lonely person,because most of the people I've recommended this show to,just downright didn't like it.Some didn't get the humor,and some thought it was really vulgar.Funnily enough,besides me,the other two people who really like this show,is my mom,and my 8 year old niece,who has watched this show since she was 5.I have to mention though,she can't speak or understand English,so something their doing,is funny as hell,even to non-English people.Their that good.

Please check them out,and let me know what you guys think.I'd love to hear what you all think,and to see whether my taste in things really is that bad.

{Some Little Britain stuff}


Awesome Sara said...

hmmmmm, i need to netflix this show. it looks funny.

Cat with a garden said...

Mom adores Little Britain! She was lucky enough to get the first episodes as a present on DVD. Actually, she might watch it over again... Tadah!

ecotorium said...

Were these in German, or something? Anywhoo, I YouTubed it and it looks pretty good - I'm gonna see a few more when I get home - not so easy to do at work.

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