Monday, March 9, 2009

The green eyed monster

My boyfriend will tell you that I'm very jealous about him getting attention from other girls,or him giving other girls too much attention.I won't deny that I do get a little hot under the collar if I feel threatened by someone else,but mostly we just joke about it,because he has told me many times over that he was cheated on too many times by previous girlfriends,to ever do that to me.So I trust him,and don't yell at him like a hag whenever I feel a bit of jealousy popping up in my mind.

However,this past Saturday night,I got mad at him about another girl,for the first time in our 3 year relationship.A guy that works for him,asked him to go out for a drink at a bar thats less than 5 minutes' walk from our apartment.He asked me if I was ok with that,and I didn't mind at all,as long as I could just lie in bed,watching movies,because I was tired as hell,and not up to going out.

So off he went.At 2am,he came home,promptly got into bed and told me how he had spent the evening chatting with a girl who works in a shop opposite where he works (i.e. he sees her everyday) and how she had asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend,because some other guy was flirting with her,and she didn't want to talk to that guy.So he proceeded to sit with his arm around her,almost the entire night.Now,we live in a small town,where most of the people at that bar know me,and therefor know my boyfriend.I don't mind him helping out this girl (although I think it was just a ploy on her part to get him to give her some attention),but I can just imagine what kinds of stories everyone who saw them there,will be making up.My boyfriend,however,like all men,is completely oblivious to why I am mad about this.In his mind,he was being an awesome guy,because he was helping this girl out.But he doesn't realise,she might be getting other kinds of ideas.

Ugh,I am so pissed off with myself for being so jealous,but I really,really love him and just the thought of losing him to some floozy (who is 4 years younger than I am),makes me want to scratch the paint of my office wall.I swear,I'm not a confrontational or mean person,but I seriously don't have time for this girl,and I sure hope she stays very far away from me.For the sake of my own sanity.

Tell me,what would you guys do if your man did this (real boyfriendor hypothetical boyfriend)?Am I being unnecessarily jealous and possessive,or what?


drollgirl said...

i would not be happy. at all. but if he didn't cheat, i wouldn't want to make a huge deal about it. but i'd ask him not to do it again and explain why.

Awesome Sara said...

I make c*nt faces at the girls if they do it around me. And I tell my boyfriend if he trys to do anything that hurts me he will get hurt in return.

creative kerfuffle said...

that's a tough one. i'd be totally pissed though. i guess don't make too big a deal out of it but if you wanted to cunt punch that girl if you ever met her i think you'd be w/in your rights : )

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