Monday, March 9, 2009

My mouth hates me right now

I made an appointment with the dentist for tomorrow.I'm not having any pain or anything,but I've had my medical aid for a year now,and still haven't been to the dentist,although I've been threatening to do so for about 4 months now.

I suffer from bruxism,and my teeth definitely suffer because of it,so I'm always really nervous about the condition of my teeth,and what the dentist is going to discover once he starts poking around in there.

I don't like going to the dentist,but then again who does?But my fear of having to get false teeth and losing all my own teeth,is far worse than my fear of the dentist.Hopefully I'll get there tomorrow and there won't be any major problems with my teeth.


K @ Blog Goggles said...

I totally agree - I'm petrified of losing my teeth. I have dreams about it all the time. Weird, huh?

La Belette Rouge said...

I am so scared of the dentist that it has been too long since I have gone.I NEED to go. I am going to find a dentist who will give me valium or something. You are much braver than I am and your teeth will thank you for it.

drollgirl said...

i just went on friday. i am ramrod stiff the whole time i'm in the chair. ugh. i hope your visit goes well!!!!

Awesome Sara said...

OMG, this pic scared me!!! i had to check my shorts to make sure i didn't pee myself!!!

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