Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little local flavor

Excuse my very video filled post,but I am in a total music mood this morning,and especially in the mood for some South African music.I never used to listen to SA music,but the industry has grown quite a lot in the last decade,and some quality groups and individuals have emerged.Take a listen,and let me know what you think!

Arno Carstens
,who was previously the frontman for Springbok Nude Girls (listen to the last song on this post).He's one of our original 'rocker' boys

"As long as I am here" by Prime Circle.
This band sounds very international to me,but have stayed local,and are true South African boys

"Colourful" by The Parlotones.
I never liked this band,until I saw the lead singer talk on a local show,and instantly loved his personality.They are English speaking,but have even braved one of the Afrikaans classics,"Lisa se klavier" by Koos Kombuis.This alone makes me respect them a lot

"I'd Like" by Freshly Ground.This band has actually won a Grammy,and they are a total melting pot of South African cultures and backgrounds

"Stuck in a small room" by Karen Zoid.
This is the Afrikaans chick that has had the most success in South Africa so far.She has lots of attitude,and couldn't be bothered with rules and regulations.She just does her thing,and even my brother loves her music

This is the song "Blue Eyes" by Springbok Nude Girls.
It's not the official video,but a compilation of photo's of South African scenery that a person made for their family.This woman is now living in Japan (because of work).I don't even know this woman,but with this song,and the pictures,even I would miss South Africa.And I live here.

{PS.Check out this link for a song by Blk Sonshine*}


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