Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

1.) What is your significant others worst habit?

He has an obsession with Castle Lager,it's the only alcohol he drinks.I can never get him to have any other type of drink with me,and it irritates the crap out of me when everyone is having a lovely cocktail or something,and he insists on having his Castle Lager.And the worst part,he doesn't drink it out of a glass if he has a choice,so he's always standing around with the can.OH.MY.WORD.I.CAN'T.STAND.IT.

2.) What piece of clothing that isn't lingerie or an undergarment do you have that you feel especially sexy/handsome in?

I have this green kimono-type shirt with a VERY low neckline,which accentuates my cleavage.And that always makes me feel super sexy.

3.) If you could drink ONLY two beverages for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Water and Cream Soda.Cream Soda is the best cure for a hangover,and I always drink it when I go eat out,because I can't eat and drink alcohol together.And I also choose water because it doesn't really have a taste that you can get tired of,and is always good for you.

4.) What is your worst habit?

I have absolutely NO self control.I suck at controlling my urges,whether it be food,cigarettes,sex,whatever.If I want something,you can be sure I'm going to have it,because I just can't stop myself.

5.) Are you superstitious in any way?

Yes.This might sound silly,and I have nothing against them really,but I don't like seeing owls.Everytime I've seen an owl,someone I know,or someone that I know of,has died.That has given me a bit of a superstition.

6.) What kind of shopping do you hate doing most? (Grocery shopping, clothes shopping, shoe shopping, etc)

Definitely clothes and shoe shopping.My sizes are always sold out (I guess I'm a very common size).My mom always says I have frogs' feet,because they are short and wide,so getting pretty shoes is a damn near impossibility.If I have the money,I prefer shopping for things like stationery,books or toiletries.That's always fun.

7.) What was a “fad” you remember from your childhood?

Tamagotchi's.Those little electronic egg pets.We were obsessed with those for a while.And then they just sort of faded away into obscurity.

{Questions courtesy of Wednesday Weirdness}


Poppy Q said...

Hi Penny,
Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting our blog at Poppy Q.

Julie and Poppy Q
New Zealand

Adly said...

Lol, I only got to play with a tamagotchi during my last year in highschool.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Hi :) Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!

Castle lager - that brings back so many memories. I'm from Zimbabwe, and I can still sing all the dreadful Castle ads from TV. :D

Dugout Daisy said...

I had the Tamagotchi in junior high, it's name was Calvin, named after Snoop Dogg, hah!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have given you an award over at my blog.

Shelli (wishes she was) Mrs. Burchett;) said...

Standing around with a can of beer always make me think of King of the Hill! All those guys standing in the ally drinking beer from a can and saying, "Yep." "Yep."

La Belette Rouge said...

My hangover cure is cherry coke slurpies. Ah, memories!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha, that's hilarious about your SO (though I'm sorry it bothers you!). I would never even notice something like that on someone else, if it helps!

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