Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meme {as stolen by me,from someone else's blog}

Last Person...
... you hugged: JC
... you texted: My best friend
... to text you: My best friend
... to call you: My mom
... you called: The guy giving me a driving lesson
... you kissed: JC
... to sleep over: JC,every night
... you hung out with: JC
... to make you cry: The stupid cleaners at work,who threw away important papers of mine (what?I’m a very emotional type of person)
... who made you smile: Maya,my kitten

When Did You Last...
... take a shower: This morning
... hug someone: Last night
... cry: Today
... call someone: Yesterday
... text someone: This morning
... have chicken nuggets: Jeez,probably about a year ago
... fail a test: When I had maths in 9th grade
... go to church: Ooh,at Christmas
... go to camp: I stayed in a caravan camp this weekend,but haven’t truly camped in about 5 years
... buy something: Sunday,bought a few groceries

Where Was the Last...
... place you rode to in a car? The driving test centre,where I practiced my parking
... place you ate? In my office
... store you went to? Spar
... place you had ice cream? At my moms’ house
... mountain you climbed? This smallish mountain that’s part of Bains’ Kloof,near Wellington,when I was in 7th grade
... camp you went to? In Algeria,in the Cederberg Mountains,when I was 21
... place you put your phone? On my desk
... friend's house you went to? My best friends’ house in August last year.Can you believe it?The people here usually come to our place
... concert you attended? A South African singer (December 2007)
... place you went for a party? Seriously can’t remember

Love Life...
How is your life right now? As good as always
Any crushes right now? A few rugby players ;-)
Is there anyone you wish was still in your life? My dad
How do you feel about your last ex? Ashamed
How do they feel about you? He’s kind of a stalker,but I can’t really tell
Can exes be friends? I can’t be friends with an ex,but I guess it could work
Have you ever been in love? Yes
Has your heart ever been broken? Yes
Have you ever broke someone's heart? No
Are you happier single or in a relationship? I’m happy in the relationship I’m in now.If it was a bad one,I would be much happier single
Is it okay to have more than one bf/gf? Must I justify that with an answer?

Food: Almost anything with bread,pasta and cheese (so basically everything that makes you fat)
Movie: Grease (for sentimental purposes)
Activity: Cuddling with my boyfriend
Vacation Spot: The South African West Coast
Music Type: Whatever I can dance and sing to
Animal: Cats
Vehicle: Ford Shelby GT500


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