Friday, March 6, 2009

My other two lovelies

Lulubelle (9 months old) and her bat ears

Sammi (3 years old) being her lovely shy self

Being cuddly on Grandma J's bed ~ their favorite sleeping spot

It's been a very quiet day,because no one is talking.You want to know why?Because it takes too damn much energy,and this heat wave is using up as much energy as anyone can muster up.I'm sitting in a dark office,imagining that the darkness is making it cooler.Very funny!Nothing,not even my boss' airconditioner can make it cooler.

Anyway,I'm almost on my way home,but I was at my moms' house for lunch and spent a little time with my two girls who used to live with me,but now live with their Grandma J.They now want absolutely nothing to do with me.They follow her like lovesick puppies {well,cats in this case},and ignore me like a stop sign every time they see me.

But I still love them very,very much,and miss not having them live with me.But they sure wouldn't be able to live in a tiny little apartment.They're used to wide open spaces,where they can conveniently disappear from sight for days on end.

{Here are some pictures of my girls}


drollgirl said...

oh i love those kitties!!!

Namine said...

they are sooo cute!!! I love kitties!!

Awesome Sara said...

penny, i think i just grew a heat

Awesome Sara said...

*** i meant to say heaRt. cats don't turn me on like that.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

They are adorable! Especially together. I had no idea cats liked to snuggle.

clorivak said...

awww...they are just too much! very, very sweet!!

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