Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm becoming a grown-up

At the *tender* age of 26,I am finally feeling like I am starting to become more of a grown-up.This morning I went to the bank in order to enquire about a personal loan,and while there,started the process to change my savings account {which I've had at this exact same bank since I was born} to a more adult checking account.I won't have a cheque book {I have an intense hatred for writing cheques},but the bank lady told me it would be better for my credit record if I did this.

I hate having debt,and have made a point of never making any.At the moment the only debt I have is my monthly cellphone bill,the rest I pay cash for.My dad taught me this,and I still have a big fear for being in debt.But my JC has some very big debts {well,big in my eyes} that he needs to pay,and since he doesn't have the best credit record,I'm going to try and get a loan.I'd personally rather pay off the bank than pay off some crappy lawyer whose whole education was a complete and utter waste of time and money for his parents.

So please,wish me luck,and send up a few silent prayers that I will get this loan.It will make me very,very happy.


Namine said...

Hope you get it! Debt sucks but it helps credit and you can get out of it!!

Chicapicante said...

oh girl! i feel ya. debt blows but pay it off while you can. dont let it pile up

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