Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update on Potentetial Braceface

Well,I called the orthodontist yesterday to set up an appointment,and the nearest open appointment is Thursday,June 18.So it's still a while off.Which means now I have about 2 extra months of obsessing over what is going to happen and thinking up the worst case scenarios in my head.I should never be left alone with my thoughts.That is a very dangerous thing.

But I'm digressing.I'm actually really excited about it,because the doctors' office is in Paarl,and my brother and SIL live in Wellington {which is like 15 minutes' drive from Paarl},so I'm going to take that week off {the Tuesday,16 June is a holiday anyway} and my mum and I are going to go visit them.At least,that's what I'm hoping we're going to do.JC asked me who's going to feed him if I'm gone a whole week.Wow,it's so great to know I'm needed :-/


Namine said...

but you got an appointment! You have time to do research on what you want then

drollgirl said...

oh your man! what a question. boys are ridiculous.

i hope it goes well! you should eat candied apples, caramel, cracker jacks, corn on the cob, and all that other stuff now that you can't have while you are wearing braces!

ecotorium said...

Love JC's comment. I think that's what I'd say to my boyfriend because he's the one who cooks and bakes. I eat. That's my job in the relationship. :)

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