Friday, March 27, 2009

The week in review

~ I just got my salary,and every single cent is already either spent,or has been put aside for its destination.No extras.So basically,I'm broke on payday.I rock.
{Ha,I wish}

~ I made soup last night for the very first time.It turned out totally awesome and my boyfriend ate a bunch of it.This marks the beginning of what I call 'grown-up cooking'.Don't know if that's a good or bad thing yet.
{Not my actual soup,but it kinda looked like this.I just know mine tasted way better than this one though}

~ Sleep has sucked ass the entire week.Since I have the bladder the size of a peanut,I tend to stop drinking anything at about 8pm.By 10:30pm,I've already went to the toilet twice,but yet,amazingly,I still have to get up at least 6 times during the night or I'll pee in my pants.This does not make for a very good sleeping pattern.

~ New Neighbour Girl and her buddies (which includes my boyfriends' youngest sister) woke me up at 3:16am by sitting in the backyard of the apartments,talking as loud as all hell.Now I get that they probably don't need to work,and can thus get in,drunk,at 3 in the morning on a week night,but I can't,so this *kind of* pissed me off.Oh,also,she burns her 'porch' light all through the freaking night,which shines through our bathroom,and into our bedroom.I need darkness and silence to sleep.That's why I have a pillow over my head most of the time.

~ Weird dreams.Not only has my bladder sabotaged my good sleep,but my subconscious seems to be in on the act now as well.I've had the weirdest dreams,every.single.night,this whole week.Serial killers,dirty ass apartments,making out with male co-workers,etc.All of that went down during my night time adventures.I miss those times where months would pass where I could never remember anything I've dreamt.Bliss.

~ There is this gorgeous black and grey longhaired stray cat that seems to think Maya's food bowls are his for the taking when we're not around.Last night,as I had to go to the toilet,once again,I saw his shadow outside our bedroom window (which is the only way in and out of the apartment),and so I went into the kitchen and hid Maya's food.My little girl was sleeping soundly behind her daddy's butt anyway,so she didn't mind.(Given that the soup I had made was Bacon and Bean soup,I think she had no choice but to sleep soundly behind her daddy's butt)

~ The weather is looking a little cooler.Which means that it is now 'comfortable'.Not cold or even very cool,but not that extreme 'just freaking boil me already' heat,either.Just comfortable.I love this weather,because I've never been a big fan of sweating in places that really shouldn't be sweating in the first place.It's just plain uncomfortable.


creative kerfuffle said...

i hate weeks like that. i hope next week is much better. and i'm loving reading about your change of seasons. you're moving into the winter, we're struggling to call it spring and looking forward to warmer days. though i totally hate summer. i hate being hot, hate sweating, etc. bleh. i love spring and fall and winter.
and i hated it when i got to the point when i was not longer able to do the late week night partying (like your neighbors) because i'd "grown up." sometimes being a grown up sucks.

drollgirl said...

well at least the weather is nice!

you should see a doctor about that peeing thing! i have to get up at least twice in the night to pee and it drives me BONKERS. but 6 times in the night?!?!? HORRORS!

and you should talk to those neighbors. better yet, make your man do it. lights on and loud talking at 3am is BOGUS.

Awesome Sara said...

i hate weeks like that. its like the shit piles itself on. you have no control except to go with the flow. i have annoying loud people that talk and "sing" loudly at all hours of the night. i would invest in some earplugs. and your soup sounds yummy!

kel said...

Our paychecks are spent months in advance.. I am now trying to schedule a pack of gum in August...

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Uh oh, sorry your week wasn't too great! I totally hear you on the bladder thing - it's the size of a pea, I tell you!

But your soup looks delicious. And I totally agree - it's definitely a "grown-up" meal :)

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