Friday, April 24, 2009


Today is Friday,the most looked forward to day of the week (well,except for Saturday) for everyone who has a job.Otherwise,it's basically just another day of the week,nothing special.This Friday is super nice because of the following:

~ My brother,SIL and two nephews are coming tomorrow!I thought they might not be able to make it,but they are still coming,which means only one thing ~ a damn good time.I can't wait to hang out with them all.

~ It's quite cool,and it even rained a bit during my lunch hour.Which is AWESOME!(And I know I'm gona be cuddling close to my human 'electric blanket' tonight!)

~ JC's mom made soup last night,which she gave us some of.Last night I made some 'homemade pita bread' which turned out more like tortilla wraps.Either way,tonight I'm eating soup with my concoction to dip in it.Yummy!

~ JC got his salary yesterday,and is now off for the next week,so that means a happy and relaxed boyfriend.What more could I ask for?

~ It's officially less than 7 days before I depart on my mini-holiday.Can't wait!

~ You guys are all so incredible,and I just relish every single comment from you guys,and all your amazing blogs that I get to read every day.

Ok,that's the good stuff out of the way.For some or another reason (ie.the people I work with),are pissing me off to no end today.Not everyone though.Just three people.But those three are enough to ruin any good will I might have left for my fellow man until I go on holiday.They are seriously testing my patience and I see myself becoming a total bitch to them,without really wanting to.I mean,I've always felt taking the high road is the way to go,but they are just so neverminded and cocky,that it now seems I have to fight fire with fire and the only kind of talk that will get through to them,is bitch talk.Luckily for me,all women are basically fluent in bitch talk,no matter how little you use it.It's something we got along with that whole sixth sense/menstrual period thing.

Honor Alba,already the proud owner of bitchface,as passed onto her by her mommy,Jessica


KLo said...

Enjoy your Friday :) Sounds like you have some good things on tap!

Dugout Daisy said...

Looks like a great weekend is ahead for you!
This picture made me laugh out loud, what a perfect face! hah!

Oh, and we love you too!

clorivak said...

awww...I hope your day gets better at in the bitching and whatnot..hehe

I love reading your blog very much and I appreciate all your great comments too!! You Rock,your so sweet. I actually work with a guy who is from South Africa..kinda random but I just thought of that.

Have a super fun weekend with your family!! your nephew looks hilarious and what a super cutie!!

drollgirl said...

woo hoo!!! holiday coming! i am so jealous.

and i hate cunt rag co-workers. thankfully one of the worst women on planet earth got the boot from my job not too long ago. psycho draining bitch. good riddance to her.

and this pic of alba's kid is killing me! love it.

Namine said...

kinda funny cause i was just ranting about my co-workers to a friend

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