Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby you light my fire

Lots of blogs I read,that aren't necessarily about interior decorating,have been filled with gorgeous pictures of bedrooms,kitchens,living rooms,bathrooms,etc.And I started thinking about what the one decoration element is that I'm a bit preoccupied with at the moment.

Well,you Northern Hemispherers (not a word,but you know what I mean) must excuse me,since you guys are probably totally assfull of cold weather and winter,but I am looking forward to the coming winter as much as I would look forward to a bowl of nachos after being on a no-carb diet for a year.So yeah,I'm pretty excited.And the one decoration element I am loving,is the fireplace.

Our apartment is way too small for one,and nowhere I've ever lived (which is all of 3 places) has ever had a fireplace (inside at least),but it is a dream of mine to live in a cold place somewhere,and then have a fireplace in every single room.Yup,even in the bathroom.Hell,especially in the bathroom.I mean,just imagine lying in front of a roaring fire,naked as the day God made you,having some 'quality' time with your significant other.Can it get any better?I'm sure it can,but right now,that just seems perfect to me.

{So,without further ado,here are some examples of the lovelies}

Also pretty usefull as storage space it seems

A nifty room divider

See?Fireplace in the bathroom = awesome!
Imagine waking up in a room like this

{And for those who want to put a bit of a modern spin on the old school fireplace,here are some options}

Do any of you have actual fireplaces?Do you use them,or are they basically just a hole in you wall that is used as a home by a lovely family of spiders.


Ruggy13 said...

omg i miss having a fireplace so bad!! I LOVED nights cuddled up watching a movie with a pillow and blanket and the heat from the fireplace. It's so inviting!

Dugout Daisy said...

My parents have a fireplace! It is the house I grew up in and I really really miss it. The smell of the wood burning and the coziness of it all.

clorivak said... in the bathroom and bedroom would rock so hard in the winter...but hey forget i said that word..hehe we're into spring now.
Those last ones are very original!! I like the second last one thats actually shaped like a flame..very cool!

drollgirl said...

some of these are so cool, especially the last one!!! and the one in the bathroom!!!

we do not have a fireplace right now -- just a mantle with a fake fireplace thing. very weird -- very l.a. it doesn't get all that cold here so many places don't have fireplaces. and some even have fake fireplaces with fake wood that are run by gas. very l.a..

Namine said...

I want a fireplace... maybe in the bathroom with a HUGE tub! or something

Shelli (wishes she was) Mrs. Burchett;) said...

My old house had 2! There was a gas burning one in the basement, and a wood burning one in the family room. The wood burning one had a beautiful mantle that was hand made by my brother. I never lit them...I just loved to look at them!

a girl named k said...

love the fireplace in the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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