Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting closer

Zuma and Zapiro

To election day,that is.I am so sick and tired of election news,because it's been going on for over a year now,and all I can say is that thank goodness we are voting on Wednesday.Of course,then there will be months of talks and reports on the election results.Insults being thrown from one party to the next,etc,etc,etc.

Unlike America,we have a bunch of parties that are a part of the elections,but this year,the running is really only between 3 parties.The ANC,DA and Cope parties.Cope is a splinter group of the ANC,and the party is only about 5 months old,so I don't think they really stand a chance.The DA will be the official opposition,with their strong female leader, Helen Zille (YAY for strong women!),but the obvious (even before the election) winner,will be the ANC,with Jacob Zuma as the presidential candidate.If Zuma was a presidential candidate in America,he would've been disqualified so long ago already,seeing as only last year,he had more than 500 (yes,500!) corruption charges up against him.Miraculously,they were all dropped about a month ago.How convenient.

Oh well,like I said,I just want this thing to be over.I don't have much hope that my choice for leader will win,but hopefully there can be a bit of a change up in parliament,so that one party doesn't have such a total majority.Strong opposition is the way to go,and a woman is the ideal person to give that opposition!
South African Statistics,as seen by Zapiro


ecotorium said...

my dad has always said that when he votes, he is voting for a lesser of two evils

Venice said...

Every officials are corrupt, they have their own agenda once been elected as officials. Half of the money they used for their projects were put on their own pocket. That's why vote wisely, and be aware to those who would at least make a difference, big or little. - Juicy Couture diaper bag

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