Monday, April 20, 2009

To tan or not to tan...that is the question

Being super skinny and super tan seems to be the 'in' thing these days.Which would be totally cool,if being super skinny (if you're not naturally that way) can cause all kinds of health problems,and being super tan (if you don't go the fake way) can cause you to look like a very tough leather bag.

I personally,have somewhat of a sun phobia.There's no way I will go out in the sun,in summer,without loads of sunblock on or dressed up like it's high winter.When I was a kid,I wouldn't accept that I was as white as a sheet,and would always be that way,and punished my skin,and myself,by burning myself to a crisp nearly every summer.Until I got to high school,and I just decided "Fuck this!".Pale is the way to go,because I am sick and tired of trying to be tan,even though every time I 'tan',I just end up red,blistered and with a fever.

Not that I've completely made peace with my paleness.I still look with jealous eyes at my bestie,who is naturally tan,all year round,even if she goes nowhere near the sun.I'd call her a bitch,but you know,I love her!

So yeah,because of too much of this(remember the sunblock next time Kim,you don't want to mess your beautiful skin up!)my skin looks like this(well,only with less fake tan)


cybeel said...

i love being tan.(not super tan nooo) makes you look healtier and very sexy ;p

Namine said...

I like being tanned but I don't go out of my way to get it. I don't sit in the sun for hours trying to get the perfect 'natural tan' but I don't fake and bake either.

clorivak said...

I have auburn hair and white skin, and if I had a tan I would look dirty. I love pale skin on people and find its looks beautiful. I find when people are naturally dark, it looks gorgeous too. When you can really, really tell that someone is addicted to tanning beds, its just looks bad. Most people are obsessed with tans because it covers up imperfections(veins,stretch marks) etc and cause the media programs people that tanned people are the most desirable.
Most people (men and women) overdo the tan...and it just looks crusty and yucky.

La Belette Rouge said...

I say no to the tan I embrace my pale skin as if I try to tan I jut look like a lobster. Lobster is only pretty on a lobster.

drollgirl said...

i am pasty white, and i think that is ok. even when i get a little tan it is kind of a joke, so why bother!

but sometimes if my face is breaking out i will sit in the sun for 10-20 minutes just to fry the zits off. i know that is gross. SORRY!!!

Awesome Sara said...

pale is the new tan

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