Monday, April 6, 2009

Hey hey

So,it's Monday again.Can't say I'm too happy about that fact,but what can one do about it,right?This week has me torn in 2,because usually,a week is either good,or totally bad.This one however,has a little bit of both.

Let's take a look:


~My aunt and uncle,who I love A LOT,and haven't seen for about 6 months,are coming for a visit (staying with my mom) this Wednesday.My aunt is an extraordinary cook,so I can be sure to have a lot of great meals,while I visit with them.
~Not only is Friday a public holiday,but Monday is as well,so that is 48 extra hours of doing absolutely nothing.
~I cleaned the flat on Saturday,so I'm off cleaning duty (at least the heavy stuff) for another week.
~Since my aunt will be making lots of food,I won't have to think of interesting meals to feed my boyfriend (Thursday and Friday last week were food-disasters ~ but JC ate most of it,and even said how tasty and nice it was.I know he was just trying to make me feel better.He can be really sweet sometimes)
~I went out on Friday and Saturday,and had a really good time.I was taken out,so I also didn't have to spend any money.BONUS!I'm still on a bit of a high from that.
~It is nice,temperate weather today,so no sweating,and wishing I was in Antarctica.


~I have to have my girl spayed tomorrow (since I don't want her having surprise babies).I hate doing this,because to me she is still a little babycat,but I know that it is for her own good,in the long run.
~I spent absolutely no money this weekend,and this is my fate for all the weekends until the end of the month (and the weeks as well)
~I will most likely be gaining a few pounds from the mass amounts of great food my aunt will be making.
~We only get 4 TV channels,because we don't have money for DSTV (SA satellite TV),and now the one channel that has anything to watch,most nights,has changed it's line-up completely,and now everything is screwed up.My daily routine now has to be changed accordingly.It sucks.

So there,just a few of the positives and negatives of the week ahead.I'm pretty sure I could think of a few more if I was inclined to think more about the subject,but I'm not in the mood to make myself depressed right now.I have enough other people making me depressed.One of which is not my GP,who I went to see this morning.She's an angel.

PS.why is it that on a regular day (which is everyday),I pee about every half hour,but just when the doctor asks you to give a pee sample,that little system called My Fucking Defective Bladder,just refuses to work?Guess it will always remain one of the worlds' biggest mysteries.


cybeel said...

Murpy's Laws always work on that pee issue :))

La Belette Rouge said...

Next month Lily will be 6 months and that is when the vet said to get her fixed and yet she is my baby I cannot imagine letting her have surgery. Scary!

Awesome Sara said...

hey ceybel stole my answer about the pee pee issue. it sounds like your week might be perking up a bit

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