Friday, April 17, 2009


Damn sure I'm glad it's Friday!Like I said,even though this was only a 4 day work week,it felt much longer.Besides that,I'm always glad it's Friday,no matter what is going on,or what is happening over the weekend.Friday is like a magic word that makes me feel better just by saying it,or hearing it.

Also,from today it is only 13 more days until my holiday.I cannot tell you how freaking excited I am to get away for a bit (only a week :( and just relax).My mom and I are going to my sisters' place in Hermanus (famous for its whale watching) because my sisters' husband is going to Johannesburg for a seminar,for a week,so we are going to keep her and my nephew company.He is in daycare every day,so my mom and I can just relax and lie and read books,all day long.Yay!

But the thing I'm most excited about,is that the last weekend of my mini-holiday,I am going to visit my best friend in Gansbaai (famous for its shark cage diving)!We haven't seen each other for about 7 months,but talk every day,and are chatting each other into a frenzy in anticipation of my visit.For 2 whole days,we are going to sit on the couch,eat junk food,drink,watch movies and most of all,talk non stop.I am seriously so excited,I can hardly contain myself.She's the best!

Regarding the video ~ I watched 'Reality Bites' last night,and this song got stuck in my head.I really like it,even though the words are kind of depressing.But I still like it.


clorivak said...

Great Song! ahhh...Talking Heads!

ecotorium said...

sounds like so much fun to be had! love love love going on vacations - plus i find it funny that some call them holidays and others vacations. either way, i'm game!

creative kerfuffle said...

your holiday sounds awesome! will you watch whales? there's no way in hell i'd dive (even in a cage) near sharks. but the whale watching sounds cool as does getting to spend time w/ your family and friend.

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