Friday, April 17, 2009

What's in a name?

I was wondering,those of you who don't have children yet (and do want some),have you ever thought what you would name your children?

My boyfriend is pretty traditional,and is set on naming our children after their grandparents,and giving them a seperate regular name (one that isn't one of the birthnames,but that is used all the time).He himself has 3 birthnames,and a seperate regular name.It's a lot.My parents gave me only one,which is plenty enough for me.But I do like the whole tradition of naming a child after a beloved family member.I think it is a good tradition,but if you and your family aren't close at all,it's also a useless tradition.

I'm rambling,about nothing,again.What I wanted to say is,and as I mentioned earlier,I watched 'Reality Bites' last night,and I thought Winona Ryder's charachter had the most beautiful name ~ Lilaina.So girly,romantic and quite uncommon.

On the one hand I want to give my future kids regular names so they don't get teased,or get funny nicknames,but on the other hand I want to give them a unique,interesting name,to distinguish them from the rest of society.

I guess it's going to be a toughie to make up my mind.Luckily I've still got a long way to go before I have to make a choice like that.


Anonymous said...

I completely understand where you are coming from with names. Unfortunately for me, my b/f has no interest at the moment in what our child's name will be. I like the idea of naming them classic family names that are not so popular right now. The one thing that we both agree on is that we don't want our child's name to be on the top 100 list of names.

Anonymous said...

I always liked spelling "regular" names in weird ways. Like Stepynie, or Mychelle. You know, adding y's and i's in weird places. Lol.
We decided on Everett, though, not because its a family name, but we just really liked it. Its very old, and very rare. I'm sure he'll get a few teases, especially since his initials are ET, but whatever. In the long run, I think its better to have a more adult/professional name than to be name Trixi, you know?

clorivak said...

I'm always on the lookout for cool names for my future kids..I definitely want to stray away from "common" names...I want to give them a memorable name but also not something that would make them a target for harassment. My younger sister named her little girl Kitt, which is really cute..I call her my little kitty. The only thing with her is her initals are KFC. (Kentucky Fried Chicken)...haha hopefull no one will notice..:P

Awesome Sara said...

i don't like anyone in my family besides my parents, bro, a few anuts and 2 uncles. its like my own life chapter not theirs. for some reason, my boyfriend and i have names for the non-existant kids we are never going to have. we like 3 letter names, ava rose an ian daniel. he wasn't going with spawn turd baby. i really liked spawn turd.

creative kerfuffle said...

i think i'm probably your oldest reader (40) and have kids. the girl was pretty easy. the hubs picked her name (because we met in germany). her name is heidi. her middle name was going to be elizabeth and then a week before she was born i mixed her grandmas' middle names, JeanAnn. she hates it and i probably wouldn't have done it again, but i sort of like it. the boy was tough. the hubs and i took forever to agree on a name. don't know why a boys name was harder. he sooo wanted a jr but i don't like that--i wanted him to have his own name. so we finally agreed on benjamin and the hubs name is his middle name, michael. up until he was about 3-4 we called him bennie (as in bennie and the jets) and forbid anyone to call him benji. when he started school be preferred ben. whew, sorry to be a comment hog : )

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