Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The weekend in pictures

Maya and I did a lot of lying around,and here you can see her shaven patch on her tummy from her spaying a few weeks back.Luckily the hair is growing in very fast
That little pink mouse mysteriously appears wherever Maya is sleeping
This is what you look like after eating and drinking food equal to your own body weight
Z spent the night at my place on Friday,and we had a very good time.This was just before bed time,as evident in the vacant stare
Big D is very into costumes,even makeshift ones.He thought the tablecloth would make a very good toga for his Greek themed afternoon
This is a genuine smile
This is the smile you get when he wants something,or tries to play cute so you will leave him alone
Z took a little fall,again,and now has a big old bruise on her knee.Here you can see how happy she was after the fall.And oh yeah,don't you just love how she's 8 and already wearing a Playboy shirt?
The Monkey Boy
The Monkey Boy 2
Another "Get out of my face" smile.This smile means the photoshoot is OVER
JC and Big D,enjoying their PB&J sandwiches

And that,in pictures,encompasses my weekend.I spent the whole time playing with the kids,eating my weight in bbq,watching tv and also,sleeping.I don't know what's going on,but I'm in bed at 11pm at the latest and then up at 7:30am at the latest.What the hell?!I'm supposed to still be partying hard and getting in at 4am,and sleeping till 1pm.But no,seems like middle age has attacked me with a vengeance.Oh well,so be it.I just can't be bothered anymore.I'm getting to the point where I'm willing to admit that the company of my family and a laidback braai (bbq),is much more appealing to me than some club.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend,no matter what you did.

Tell me though,do you prefer staying in,or going out?And if you do go out,what do you do when you go out?


LiLu said...

I generally alternate- some weekends I'll just relax, others I like to go out. I'm definitely not the party animal I used to be (despite my recent post...) ;-)

...love Maegan said...

omg so cute!!! ...I prefer staying in :)

clorivak said...

Great photos...i love those huge rosy cheeks on big d...haha funny name for a little dood.

I don't really like going out much anymore..I go out like once every two months. I much prefer staying in my with my boyfriend or going to a friends little house party and having a few drinks...but clubbing is pretty tiring..its too loud and there are too many obnoxious drunks..my patience can't handle all the stupidity.

drollgirl said...

i love your kitty!!!! and these pictures of the kids and yer man are so great. yay!!! and who needs clubs? not that often, at least. :)

Namine said...

you changed your blog!!

great pictures the little guy is soo cute!!

KLo said...

Fabulous pics : )

Awesome Sara said...

you have a gorgeous family!!! i'm gorgeous can I be a part of your family???

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