Friday, May 29, 2009

Be still my untamed heart

Last night,one of my all time favorite movies was on.

Untamed Heart

I was probably about 12 when I saw the movie for the first time,and it forever inbedded in me the love of mysterious,silent,somewhat damaged guys.You know,women like to fix stuff/people.Adam (Christian's character) is the perfect guy,and will always be,in my eyes at least.If you haven't seen this movie,do yourself a favor,and see it.

Christian Slater was my ultimate teen idol,and I druelled over him the same way teen girls are now freaking over Robert Pattinson

He was the star of 3 of my favorite movies of all time:

Gleaming the Cube
True Romance (starring Brad Pitt,in what I consider to be one of his best roles - as a perma-stoned roommate.As well as Michael Rappaport,who I love in 'War at Home') I loved this man.


sexypoet said...

i'll have me some christians now and some christians later.. (get it, christian slater) lol

untamed heart was a great movie! but my 5 favs are.. (because 3 isn't enough)

1. pump up the volume
2. heathers
3. bed of roses
4. mobsters
5. legend of billy jean

i have to agree with you on "the war at home".. what a great show that was! so sad it was cancelled and i'm STILL waiting for more seasons of it to come out on DVD.. they stopped after the first one came out, those bastards!! Maegan said...

I had a huge crush on him as well. not so much any more though.

clorivak said...

He was super hot in heathers but otherwise not a huge fan.

Awesome Sara said...

what ever happened to christian bale?? he really is sex on a stick. yum!

Sleepydumpling said...

Oh that is such a romantic movie! I wouldn't say that Christian Slater is a particularly handsome guy, but that movie is so romantic and the character so beautiful that you can't help but fall in love with him.

Slater fan said...

hey, I totally had a HUGE crush on christian slater when I was a teenager! And everyone knew that! He's one of the reasons why I began to like mysterious guys with squinty eyes. My all time fave movies have to be- Kuffs, Robin Hood Prince of thieves, Untamed Heart, Bed of roses, Heathers. <3 Love him!

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