Monday, May 18, 2009

Being alone

I spent my weekend on a mattress in front of the TV,with my boyfriend lying beside me,and my cat (and her best kitty buddy) sleeping on various parts of me.Even though I was sick as can be,and not feeling my best,I still had a great time,simply because I couldn't imagine a better time than cuddling with the ones I love,watching movies.

So,last night,after watching all the dvd's on hand,we watched whatever movie was on tv,and we were 'lucky' to have it be 'The Interpreter' with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn.I won't dwell on how I think Nicole is trying to look like a porcelain doll,and seriously didn't smile,frown,or make any kind of facial expression during the whole movie,except for that perplexed/half surprised look you get from way too much Botox,but what I did want to talk about,was her characters' situation in life.

One of my all time fave movies,'While You Were Sleeping',has a character with the exact same situation in life.What situation is that?Being completely alone in the world.

Both the women in these movies (there's probably more characters in more movies with this same situation,but it's Monday morning,and I'm still heavily medicated due to the flu,so I can't think of any now) have no family left,and except for friends,have nobody else left.This just breaks my heart,because I can't imagine not having anybody to turn to for comfort or love,or just for a chat.And not a friend.I mean,friends are great,but when you grow up in a family where there's always someone around,you start to depend on that family to always be there.

I have 2 sisters and an older brother,my mom,my aunt and my niece and nephews,who I feel really close to.There's more family,but I'm not really that close to them.So I can't imagine being an only child,where your mom and dad were only children and your grandparents are all dead.So when your parents die,you're the last one standing,the only one left.That must be such a lonely feeling.Just the idea of that makes me so sad.

I know this doesn't make any sense,but that idea of being alone in the world just really got to me this weekend,especially since I had such a nice one,with my loved ones.So forgive me if I'm talking a little incoherently,I'll blame it on the drugs again.LOL.


Elizabeth Marie said...

I can't imagine being alone in the world either-and nothing terrifies me more than the thought of it. I have a twin sister, so I've NEVER been alone. Weird to think about.

Are you feeling better hun?! I hope so! xo

Kirsty said...

I liked the Interpreter... but because I love Sean Penn. Nicole Kidman's accent annoyed the hell out of me.

clorivak said...

That would be very sad indeed. It makes me thanful to have so much family and a wonderful manboy to love and be loved by.
Thats what pets are good for too, anybody that is all alone should get a pet!!!

Sleepydumpling said...

I have family but they are so toxic that I can't have them in my life.

It's not sad at all though as I'm not alone, I have a wonderful "adopted" family that are like a big worn-in patchwork quilt of friends.

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