Monday, May 18, 2009

Post Secret

I know it sounds horrible for me to say,but I'm kind of afraid to have a child,because I'm afraid it won't be goodlooking,and have to live life in the backseat,because society is so obsessed with looks already,I just can't imagine what things will be like in 20 years' time.I know every parent thinks their child is the best and everything,but still,I know what it's like not feeling good enough,pretty enough,smart enough.I don't want to pass that on to some innocent little child,even if I do really want children someday.
I know how this girl feels.I used to work at a company where there was a lot of overtime to be worked,and I always got stuck doing it because I was the only one who was unmarried and without children.Like it was my fault these freaking women had to have their kids in bed at a certain time.I'm glad I don't work there anymore,because I always felt they were discriminating against me because I was still young and single.But even now,no matter where you are,people kind of look down on you if you are above a certain age and not married.It doesn't really matter if you have a boyfriend or anything,you should be married,otherwise you are inferior.Which is pretty damn (excuse my language) fucked up!


Leetid said...

There is nothing wrong with not being married, a lot of couples are happy without getting married and at the end of the day it is only a piece of paper.

Me and hubby were happy just being girlfriend and boyfriend and it hasn't changed because we are now married and I don't feel any different.

cybeel said...

a lot of people make you feel guilty about that. it's my decision not to get married and have children but to them there must be something wrong with you. Ohh Godd...

drollgirl said...

oh, this post speaks to me. you get it. you just totally get it.

the thought of having a kid that is JUST LIKE ME is moritifying. i can barely handle myself, let alone a mini, irritating CLONE of my self. and having an ugly or dumb kid would be a hell of a sentence. ugh.

and i am 38, not married and no kids. believe me, i get a lot of looks and questions like this is the fucking 50's or something. it sucks. but then sometimes the married folks say DO NOT GET MARRIED. and the folks with kids are jealous of those without, because they never have any time or any fun. i think it is all a case of 'the grass is always greener', but even knowing that it still sucks.

creative kerfuffle said...

first, it very much is like drollgirl says--the grass is always greener. the hubs and i will be married 17 yrs this fall, have the requisit 2 kids (one of each) but even then you get questioned. once you get married people start asking right away when you're going to have kids (not the best thing to ask a couple that's been trying for 5 yrs) and then, once you have the first the question is when are you going to have another. it's always something. people are nosey. i say do things in your own time, you're the only one living your life, screw the rest of them.
and, while i didn't worry about having an ugly kid, i was terrified i'd have a stupid kid. yeah, i know, petty of me. thank god my kids are smart. yeah, i know, it's bitchy, but i don't like stupid kids.

Sleepydumpling said...

As a 35+ year old single professional woman with no children, I KNOW I am discriminated against in the workplace. I didn't choose to be in my situation, but I am either treated like a hard-nosed bitch who is anti-children or I've got no life to live so I can work any time they want me to.

It's really sad that this is still happening in 2009!

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