Monday, May 18, 2009

I finished it

Ok,so I finished reading Twilight on Friday,in my highfevered state.I liked it.It was good.But I have to say,not Harry Potter good.Harry Potter was supposed to be a kids book series,but ended up being one of my all-time favorites.Even though Twilight was good and I would want to read all the other books in the series,just to see how things play out,it wasn't the be all and end all of books for me.

That being said,the book was DEFINITELY MUCH BETTER than the movie.We watched it on Saturday,and I thought immediately that maybe I should've watched the movie first,because they left out so much stuff from the book to do the movie,and although I understand that there are time constraints,they added things to the movie that weren't in the book,so why did they leave out the actual things then?The script for the movie was really choppy and strangely put together,and they really jumped from one thing to the next without any real explanation.The movie,to me,is like a basic summary of the book,and you really should read the book,otherwise the characters and what they are like really aren't explained to you very well in the movie at all.

PS.Yes,I do find Rob Pattinson a lot more attractive now,but only in the movie.In real life he still comes across as very dirty and not all that appealing.But as Edward?Yeah,he can come bite me if he wants to.

PPS.Kristen Stewarts' portrayal of Bella is really awkward,as she basically only pulls her face into expressions that I associate with constipation.Watch the movie again,and tell me she doesn't look totally constipated the whole time!Go on,I dare you!

PPS.It took me a while to realise Rosalie is actually played by that chick from Thirteen.In the book,she's described as the perfect specimen of a woman.Uhm,no offense,but I'm pretty sure there were much prettier girls to use for that part.

I'm sorry if I offended any Twilight fans,but really,they could've done a better job bringing the book to life.I'm really interested to see how they improve with New Moon.


Anonymous said...

You got it spot on. I thought the book was good but I am not a massive fan of it and will read the other books eventually.

Chatabox Girl said...

I 100% agree with you.

I watched the movie first, and because of all the great raves I went and brought all 4 books. The books were MUCH better than the movie.

Actually I watched the movie again after reading the books, and it make the caracters seem like a poor impersination of the book. I think the movie Edward was a lot... I dunno... harsher (?) then in the book. In the book you can feel his love for Bella, and how he has to restrain himself to be able to be with her. Movie... not so much.

But without giving anything away, I do say that the fourth book is my favourite! I am half way through it again, and it is the best out of the lot!

xnapoleonx said...

I do agree on the rosalie part

The book is always better, but I think they eventually did an ok job if you don't focus too much on the missing parts.

Adorably Distracted... said...

Hi!! Thanks for the comment!! For the kitchen tea, if the younger girls are also invited to that, My biggest suggestion would be to ask for a little of money from each to go towards it. I've been asked in the past to contribute towards a shower and didn't mind at all. If they aren't involved, I'd say make whatever is possible and plan as early as possible or at least make an outline for yourself of the day and day before. Anything you can get done early helps. Like tables, decorating, etc. that way you aren't frazzled the day of the event. I'm not sure if you guys do gifts, but the main things, in order that you'll have to push are for everyone to eat, then they watch the bride open gifts, then or dessert. We also had little cards the guests could leave advice for the bride. For the bachelorette party, bar hopping is fun. We all split the limo cost, and then took turns buying the bride drinks. We made a check list for her to do that was fun... like she had to find a guy with the same name as her fiancee, and find a guy with a certain kind of tattoo, find a guy to take a shot with... it passes the time and it's a good way for the ladies to bond since some of them may know each other.

Have fun!! good luck!! feel free to email or comment if you need anything.

drollgirl said...

hahahahahah!!! i loved the book and the movie, and got pretty damn caught up in the whole TWILIGHT PHENOM! but i get what you are saying. and i always cringe and worry when people see the movie and haven't read the book, as i am sure they think it is lame and do not AT ALL get the rage.

and yes he is a little dirty looking. more so in the tabloids than in the movies, for sure!

but i am still gaga for him. and i still say OH EDWARD from time to time, particularly when real men leave me disappointed. ahhahahah!

Awesome Sara said...

i'm not a twighlight girl. but your ass needs to watch true blood!!! its such an awesome show!!!

creative kerfuffle said...

lol--oh i'm so glad you read the book. ok, i've read all four books and seen the movie. frankly, i was disappointed in the movie, but did think edward was hot. after reading all the books i prefer jacob (a minor character in the first book) to edward--the girl heartily disagrees w/ me. she has read the whole series about 10 times. my fave was book two, her's was book four.
i can't wait to hear what you think after reading them all : ) welcome to the club : )

Snickerdoodle Champagne said...

I haven't read the book or watched the movie but I LOVE Harry Potter!

And yeah, Robert Pattinson sometimes looks great but otherwise... not so much.

Sleepydumpling said...

I enjoyed the books but they didn't change my life in any way. A bit of a page turner.

For me the movie's biggest drawcard was that gorgeous kid that plays Jacob Black. Oh what a SMILE!

Movie was sadly lacking in some departments - the actress who played Rosalie was nothing at all like Rosalie (I imagined some tall, swan-like ballet girl) and Carlisle... creepy!

I did really dig Jasper's pained expressions and Emmett's cheekiness though.

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