Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm being psychic

I'm foreseeing that these scenes,or scenes similar to these,will be a regular in the coming winter weekends.

This is how Cleo and Maya started the weekend
As it got colder,they just got closer
Until Maya eventually started using Cleo as a blanket
On Sunday my niece came to watch Madagascar 2 and found herself a spot on the couch with the cats
JC and I made a bed on the floor in front of the TV.That's where we stayed all weekend (we also stayed in our PJ's,which = the perfect weekend!)


La Belette Rouge said...

Cozy cats!!And, I like your sofa with the afghan. I understand why your cats like to cuddle there.

LamiatS said...

Awww! Your cats are adorable!

clorivak said... cute! I love kitties snuggling, they do it best! Thats so cute how you let them take the couch...looks like a cozy, snuggly romantic weekend!

creative kerfuffle said...

kittehs napping together is one of the all time cutest things evah!!!

Awesome Sara said...


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