Monday, May 25, 2009

Love and Hisses.

The big kitty is the foster moms' own cat,Miz Poo,and the little one is one of her foster kitties,Beulah.How can you resist those faces?!

I found this totally adorable blog about a cat foster mommy,and because I think people who have the heart to foster kittens are so incredible,I wanted you all to maybe go check her out.There is so much sweetness over on her blog,it makes my teeth ache.

Also,go here to check out more of her pictures.


Anonymous said...

Cute photo!

Awesome Sara said...

omg!!!!! my heart area started to thump and get warm, i guess i do have a heart!!! i will give you a freaking award if you become a foster mom 2 cats i agree it is so admirable. i couldnt do it bc i would just keep them. i get attached to cats way to easily.

Namine said...

such a cute picture

Elizabeth Marie said...

Awww this makes me smile!

You're a doll! Thank you for you kindness always! BIG FAT XOXO's!

clorivak said...

They are soooo very sweet! I wish I could foster but I'm like Awesome Sara...I too would get very attached and end up keeping them!! Than my crazy cat ladyness would be on full force.

creative kerfuffle said...

that is too damn cute! i couldn't be a foster cat mom for the same reason i couldn't be a surrogate mom---i'd fall in love w/ each kitten and baby and never give any of them up! LOL i think people who are able to do that are incredible, very strong. i get too emotionally attached.

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