Monday, May 25, 2009

My weekend

Friday ended the way most of my Fridays end - watching a movie.I didn't really feel like making dinner,since I had lunch at my Mom's and she made the most amazing pizza pie.So incredible!I mean,I ate lunch at 1pm,and by 8pm I was still full to the brim.Which is a very weird occurence for me.And even though I felt like going out for a drink on Friday,I ended up being too lazy and was in bed by 10pm.

On Saturday,I woke up and made myself a bigass bowl of oatmeal with toast.Yummy!I love eating my oats like that.Probably not very healthy,but still better than a bacon and egg breakfast.Since my washing machine takes about a million years to finish a cycle,I spent most of the day just doing laundry and lying on the couch.By 6pm Saturday,I realised that I had basically not done anything worth mentioning,except the laundry and the dishes.How freaking embaressing.Well,JC decided even though it was very cloudy outside,he was in the mood for a braai,with just the two of us.Just as the fire was getting on,raindrops started falling.Luckily only about 10 drops fell,and we ended up with very nicely bbq'ed chicken in pita's.Yum.We watched another movie and I was in bed by 11pm,since we had decided to go to church on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning,I get up at 8 to get ready for church,but JC decides he isn't going anymore and just keeps on sleeping.I was not happy,to say the least.So I went on my own and enjoyed the service very much.We have the best looking preacher,who talks in this very smooth,calming manner.And he talks in a way that everyone can understand,which is always a good thing in my book.After church,my sister,her fiancé,my niece and I went to the cemetary to put some flowers on my fathers' grave.It was such a beautiful day,and I really felt like I wanted to be close to him.Ugh,I miss him.

It was JC's moms' birthday yesterday,so at about 1pm we headed to their house for another braai.We chatted and had a really great time.They are all on diets (even though none of them really need to be...not like me :( but we all ate chips and dip like it was the last of it on earth,and when the main course came,we outdid ourselves again.JC's mom makes this potato dish that is just so freaking awesome,I would seriously hurt someone for a bowl of it.I would totally torture someone if it got me some of that potato goodness.I had some leftovers of it for breakfast this morning.Again,probably not very healthy,but who the hell cares?!It tastes so good!

After we had lunch and chatted a bit more,JC and I picked up my niece,who wanted to stay at our place last night.The evening ended,again,with a movie and last night I outdid myself in going to bed early,by being in bed by 9pm.I seriously couldn't keep my eyes open by that time.Like I told JC,being around people all day really tires me out.I don't know why,it just does.And also,I LOVE SLEEPING!

Well,that is about the extent of my very adventurous and exciting weekend.LOL.Hope you all had a good one,and that this Monday isn't too cruel.

Have a very fullfilling weekend!


Anonymous said...

I find being with loads of people does tire you out because you need to put a lot of effort into talking and socialising with them.

Awesome Sara said...

that comic just add a skirt to the character and that will be me

Namine said...

cute comic!

I have never heard of a pizza pie or a braai?

What movies did you watch??

creative kerfuffle said...

that comic is soooo me--procrastinator extraordinair! and your weekend sounds perfect to me actually. movies, eating, sleeping, what's not to love about that??? and yeah, even though i like being around people, it does drain you. we had people over for a cookout sunday (i'm assuming that's what a braai is?) and though it was fun and good to see friends it was good when the left too.

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