Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pretty in pink

Every time my niece wears pink,I have to laugh,because when my sister was pregnant with her,she was adamant that if she had a daughter,the little baby would NOT be wearing pink.Ever.

What was the color of the very first outfit she wore in her life,on the day she was born?

You guessed it.Pink.

Ever since then,she's worn an abundance of pink no matter what the season or what the occasion.She adores the color.And sometimes I wonder if she was in her mom's womb and heard what her mom said and just thought to herself "Huh,she wants to tell me what I can or cannot wear?I'll show her,I'm gona wear whatever this 'pink' is,as much as I possibly can.That'll teach her a lesson."

My niece has been like a teenager since she was about 2 years old,with moodswings to rival any hormonal teen girls' and I foresee a lot of trouble for my sister in about 4 years' time.I,of course,will be there to observe the insanity.Can't wait!

PS.I hope you noticed that she color co-ordinated her bubblegum with her outfit.

PPS.What you can't see in the picture is that her pants are also pink.Just a bit more intense shade of pink than her shirt.If that is even humanly possible.


Anonymous said...

Pink is one of those colours that not everyone can agree on! I love pale pastel pinks but only a small scale!

creative kerfuffle said...

your neice has GORGEOUS eyes! wow. my daughter went through the pink stage and about a yr ago (when she was 11) she decided she isn't wearing pink any more and we need to repaint her room (which is pink, because she picked the paint). i love pink actually, even on some guys. i don't want my walls pink, but totally love it otherwise.

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