Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Blues

My week actually started out quite well.No dreading the week ahead,like I would normally do.But this morning I woke up in a funk,and when I'm in a funk,I get mad at the world.I hate being like this,but just like I hate it,I also know that it won't last forever and in a few days I'll be feeling great again.I guess I'll just have to spend this weekend on the couch watching movies again.Although,I have to admit,I'm more in the mood to party it up somewhere,but somewhere where I don't have to think of any responsibilities or where I don't have to take care of anyone,because when we all party,I'm usually the one who has to stay sober to take care of everyone else.It sucks.I want to have a wild time for a change.But I guess I have to rest myself out for next weekend,and the bachelorette party/kitchen tea.Hopefully I won't have to worry about the food,and everyone getting along,and just enjoy myself.

Well,one can hope,right?!


Anonymous said...

I hope your day gets better!!

La Belette Rouge said...

I add to the hope and am hoping you get to just have fun and not be responsible for anything. Hugs.

LiLu said...

I'm sure it will go well... if it doesn't, then fukkit and drink a bottle of wine!


Elizabeth Marie said...

Hey girl! Days like this suck, but they will so pass! You shouldn't always be the responsible one when you go out! Don't always babysit :)


Awesome Sara said...

oh honey, *Hug*

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