Friday, June 19, 2009

A few random pics

This is the 'stray' cat that's been around our apartment ever since we moved in.He used to sneak into the apartment,looking for food,during the night,and run off as soon as he saw us.Now,he's gotten a lot more comfortable with us,and basically comes running when he sees me.But I've decided to not give him food anymore,because I'm pretty sure he belongs to someone (he's big and fat,and really not stray-looking) and I feel me giving him food,just encourages him walking around the whole neighborhood (which is dangerous for him)

This was yesterday morning,right outside Paarl,where my orthodontist appointment was.I told you I like mist.But my camera doesn't do it justice,and also,it was taken from the car
While taking this picture,I was just hoping that Rita the rat doesn't bite off Big D's finger or something.That rat is evil.Her eyes look like those of the old witchwoman in Robin Hood.Very freaky
Yip,that's what a lovely cream colored sofa ends up looking like with 2 busy boys,a dog and a cat.Not good
JC,concentrating deeply on the tv,and Maya looking very disgusted with me,for taking her picture.She is just like JC in that regard


cybeel said...
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cybeel said...

@stranger cat, he looks fat and so sleepy. and also so fluffy.

@Big D, omg look at hir curls. He is so cute and as it seems so brave :o

@rat, R-A-T???????

@Maya, how she looks so desperate and sad! Is it a possibility that she's jealous of the stranger cat ????

@you, you have such a good heart. so amazing you're taking care of the fluffy cat

drollgirl said...

love the pics!!! and the kitties!! oh, how i love kitties!

Breeahna said...

Oh that tabby is so cute, he looks like a grandpa cat :)

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