Monday, June 1, 2009


I am so sad today,that I just want to burst out in tears.A lot of people don't have pets,don't like pets and can't understand the fascination that some people (like me) can have with a little animal,such as a cat.But I can spend only a few days with an animal and have it completely take over my heart,and I will love it forever.

That's the case with Cleo,the neighbour kitty that was Maya's best friend and the most adorable little milky ginger cat you've ever seen.She was over at our place more than she was at her own place (seeing as her 'mom' was never home,and never really gave her much attention).She even slept over at our place and spent her days playing with Maya.

Well,on Friday night,after work,she was over at our place again,playing and trying to steal some of Maya's food.After a bit,she went back outside to go to her place.That's the last I saw her.She must've wondered into the front yard,playing all the way,and either wondered too far away so that she couldn't find her way back (which I doubt) or someone passing by must've stolen her (this is what I think happened).

Cleo was like my own,and I hope to God that she is safe wherever she is,and that she will be happy and healthy for a long time!

Maya,JC and I miss you Cleo!


Elizabeth Marie said...

Awww honey! I get attached to animals too...I hope she find her way back to you guys, and if no is happy and safe!
Sorry love!!


Chatabox Girl said...

Aww, thats so sad! I do wish that she is just lost, and will come home soon.

People who steal animals shouldn't have pets! If they can't afford to buy one from a shelter or pet store, then how can they afford foor and care for the pet?

I hope she is being looked after!!!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That's so awful! I'm so, so sorry. Maybe she's having a mini adventure somewhere in the neighborhood and will come back soon. Either way, I can only imagine how traumatic it is.

cybeel said...

ı hope she comes back and makes a big surprise...i always believe if someone loves a creature so pure and innnocent she/he already loves everything else in the world... Cos love is love

clorivak said...

awww...that is IS sad. I really hope that she is just off exploring and or has a little boyfriend and will show up soon.
I had a cat when I was younger that used to disappeared for days at a time, she was just a hardcore explorer and mouser. I called her Missy cause I was always missing all the time.
I really hope she turns up or is safe. I hate the unknown sometimes...I'm a worry wart so completely understand how you feel.

Anonymous said...

Aw thats so sad! Hopefully she'll come back!

Namine said...

OMG She disappeared!!! That is so sad, I hope she comes back

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