Monday, June 1, 2009

Queen of alll things awe-summm!

The lovely girl from Down Under,Chatabox Girl,made me feel so good today by bestowing this awe-summm award on me.Thank you so much,Chatabox,you're a sweetheart and a queen for sure!

{The rules are as following}

1. List five things that make me awe-summm.

2. Pass the award on to five bloggers I love.

3. Tag those bloggers to let them know that they are now Queens of All Things Awe-Summm.

4. Don't forget to link to the Queen that tagged me. - Check her out HERE!

5. If you would like, copy the pic and put it on your sidebar so everyone knows that you're a Queen.

{The 5 things that I think makes me awe-summm}

1.I can talk to all kinds of people,from all walks of life,and make them feel comfortable.I've always been able to do this,and think it's a good trait to have.

2.I can watch the same movies over,and over,and over.There are movies that I've seen maybe 100 times each.I think you have to be awe-summm to be able to do that.

3.I am a lazy bitch,but have managed to keep my apartment,myself and my boyfriend,relatively clean and presentable for 6 months now,without the help of my mom.

4.Living in a small town,gossip runs rampant,but somehow (I think because of my awe-summmness) I've managed to stay completely out of it,and am seriously surprised when someone has someone else's lovechild,or someone else is getting divorced,etc.My 8 year old niece knows more gossip than I do.I think not being involved in smalltown drama and gossip,makes me awe-summm.

5.I have resisted the urge to become a raging alcoholic/drug addict/bitch,even though I've felt like it many times over the last 2 years.To be able to resist all those temptations,makes me awe-summm as hell.

{Here's the 5 Queens that I believe are awe-summm!}

3.Creative Kerfuffle
5.Elizabeth Marie

These ladies are all beyond awe-summm and deserve only the best in life,like all true queens do!

(Isn't it insane how many times I used the word awe-summm in this post?!)


Leetid said...

I agree with number 2. I can watch a film over and over again. I watched Grease for about the millionth time at the weekend and its still the best film ever.

clorivak said...

hahah...Thanks Doll,that is too sweet of you!! I don't have time to get to it this morning...well I just might, but later today or this evening.
Love the answers....eek and don't know what I'll come up with.

Awesome Sara said...

FUNNNN!!!! I totally agree with you on all of them. But then again I want to sleep with you so I will agree with anything. I will do this wehen I get back from work. Thanks Penny I'm honored!!!

La Belette Rouge said...

Congratulations, your Royal Awesummmness!!!!:-)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Thanks honeybunny! That is AWWWSUMMMMM. I love it!

I died at number's 3 and 5. You are a hilarious lil lady. XOXO

Chatabox Girl said...

Thanks for the lovely compliment! :)

Watching movies over and over is a good talent! I share it too... well only with my favourite movies.

Have a great day!!!!

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