Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

- It's been raining buckets since last night,which I'm totally loving,although I wish it were the weekend so I could lie in front of the TV and watch some movies,cuddled with my man.

- I'm working at the other branch of the place I work,because the guy who works here's dad died of a heart attack last night.It is so sad,because he was only 56,and he had his first grandchild due in August.So I've also been sad all day,thinking about that family and their pain.

- I'm making pizza tonight,but I don't really have anything in the house to put on the pizza,but I've dealt with worse,so I'm sure it's going to come out good anyway.

- I got a free cappuccino this morning!yummy!

- I drank vanilla flavored skim milk for the first time today.1st thing - tastes really good on it's own.2nd thing - it's quite disgusting in coffee.

1 Comment:

creative kerfuffle said...

i love rain and free cappuccinos. that's sad about the guy in your office, so young.

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