Monday, June 8, 2009

The weekend is over

Thank goodness!Don't get me wrong,I had a great time,but a little too much of a great time.I'm not hungover or anything like that,even though we partied Friday night (after vowing to only watch movies at home) and Saturday night (which ended after our one male friend headbutted another dude).Both nights we went to bed at like 2am - 3am,and still got up at our usual weekend time of 8am.So sleep was not really high on the list of our things that got done this weekend.

The kitchen tea went really well,and the food my mom made was DELICIOUS.She made this asparagus and cheese quiche,that I gorged myself on so badly,that I had a bit of a food baby afterward.Thank the heavens I don't have lactose intolerance,or my night would've been ruined instantly.

I was also very proud of the guys,who partied at our apartment,but looked so sober when us ladies arrived back (although,in hindsight,it could've been that we were too drunk to notice how drunk they were),that I was happy to oblige when they said we should go out and dance a bit.The guys played pool,the ladies danced,and before I knew it,our one friend headbutted a guy who was looking for a fight.What the other dude was thinking,I do not know,because my friend is BIG,but hey,I guess the guy likes pain.Either way,the party was over for me after that,and not an hour too soon,because I was dogass tired by that time (it was 1am).

When we got home,we raided the food the guys had made,drank a bit more and talked a lot of shit.Exactly the way I like the weekends to be.

Yesterday,after our friends left,JC and I lay in front of our tv,literally the whole day.Except for me getting up to make us each a pizza (the perfect food),and hanging up the washing.But even that was too much activity in my mind.I will have to correct that mistake next weekend.

I have to tell you,I totally spaced on taking pictures this weekend,which NEVER happens.Oh well.Maybe the alcohol will have permanently preserved the memories in my memory.


cybeel said...

you need a good night sleep after these busy days :)

Leetid said...

Sounds like you will be crashing out tonight!

Some men think they can beat anyone and don't realise that they could be hitting someone that is tougher than them. I think its a stupid man thing!

drollgirl said...

a food baby?!?!? hahhahaha!!! that is hilarious!!!

it sounds like you had a blast, tho. and catch up on sleep soon and all will be well.

FOOD BABY. hahahahhahaha

Elizabeth Marie said...

Asparagus and cheese quiche? YUMMM.

Sometimes I prefer when alcohol doesn't preserve memories! HAHA

clorivak said...

Headbutting is a good way to end a night on the town...haha. I've been to one where there was an arm wrestle and and arm broke right before midnight on New Years Eve...hahah...that was wonderful, ah..good ol' drinking and testosterone.

p.s.- i still haven't done that tag and i'm sorry...i've been sooo busy and i suck at those...i can't even think of 5 things that make me awesumm..haha...its bad..i've just been trying to finish wedding shite and its got my head in a blender.

Awesome Sara said...

sleep is the cure. just sleep for days. a food baby LOLOLOL

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