Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Visit this site.

If you only do yourself one favor this week,it HAS to be that you visit this site.

I am blown away by the gorgeousness,awesomeness and just general incredibleness of what I saw on that site.

Some samples:

An incredible double-whammy.Barbie doll hair,weaved onto the heads of grill-wearing,ugly-tattooed white trash chicks
If there's one thing that beats a guy with a mullet,it's a WHOLE FAMILY OF MULLETS.In the wise words of Lilu ,AWESOMESAUCE!
And last,but by no means least - the ultimate mullet.Shaven in front,and super long and ratty in the back.I get chills down my back observing this.It truly is astonishing.

Never again will I complain of a bad hair day.This I solemnly promise.


La Belette Rouge said...

Can picture two really be true? Really? Wow. I am just speechless.

Anonymous said...

They are too funny!

Namine said...

i have seen a similar site to this. now I will have to find it. TOO FUNNY!!

LiLu said...

That poor, POOR little mulleted girl...

Awesome Sara said...

r these real?S?S??? lol, i am having a laugh though

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