Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I don't know why,but I am freezing today!It was really misty until about 11 this morning,and that made it really cold.And since I'm freezing I can't seem to think of anything to tell you guys.Well,not anything really interesting.

There might be something happening for JC and I,in the near future,that could make life a lot easier for us,well,for me at least.But I'm too paranoid to even talk about it since I believe if I talk about it,I will jinx it,so yeah,I'm gona stop talking about it now.

I am such a dumbass.I've forgotten my apartment keys for 2 days straight,and this sucks so bad,because I have to sit outside and wait for JC to get home,which is usually around 6:30 or 7 (I finish work at 5:30).That would be fine if it were summer,because it would still be like day at that time,and warm outside.However,it's winter,and I don't enjoy sitting in the dark,freezing my nipples off.That tends to make me very cranky,very cranky indeed.

Turns out our neighbour is staying on in his apartment,and I'm actually really happy,since I like all the people living there now,and I'm really not in the mood to move (even if it is only next door).Can you tell I'm super lazy?Yeah,I'm not Superbad,I'm Superlazy.

Tomorrow is Wednesday,which is halfway through the week,which blows my mind,since I still feel stuck in Monday.Also,I'm going to have a mini-meltdown if there aren't new Wednesday Weirdness questions up tomorrow.I need my embarrassing-questions-fix,STAT!


drollgirl said...

BAHHAHA!!! so funny that we both posted nips today! i am sorry it is so cold there! it is the middle of summer here, and the offices IS FREEZING!!! bone-chillingly cold, and of course it is roasting outside!

hope the good stuff happens for you and your man. hope you can spill it soon! :)

creative kerfuffle said...

did you and drollgirl tag team on the nips post? lol : )
and of course i'm DYING to know what is going on w/ you and jc!!!

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