Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dreams Take Two

Ok,continuing on the subject of dreams,I wanted to tell you guys that I have been dreaming like mad this week.Like those types of dreams where you are so involved in what's happening that even though you know you're dreaming,you take things very seriously.

On Wednesday night I had this ultra weird dream that I was at my mom's house,with a bunch of strange people.There's this girl who lives in one of the rooms and she has the most amazing make up,jewellery,clothes,dvd's,books,etc.So she goes out,and all of a sudden I start rumbling through her stuff,and taking whatever I think looks cool.The girl comes back and says no,it's fine,she put all that stuff there for me to take what I want,so I don't have to worry that she'll be mad.At the end,my sister comes in and says she was playing on a slot machine and won 2 million dollars.Not rand,which is our currency,but dollars.Which is about 30 million rand.

That's when my boyfriends' alarm went off,and as I woke up,I kept saying no way,I can't be having to get up already,because I haven't slept at all.It seriously felt like I hadn't slept,that's how engrossing the dream was.

Do you guys remember what you dream about,or are you one of those people who have dreamless sleep?


drollgirl said...

well dontcha just wish that dream would become a reality!!!?!??!?!? god! that would be amazing!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I NEVER remember my dreams...I hate it!

Your dream sounds so fab.

Awesome Sara said...

i remember parts but never parts that make any sense. ur dream sounds fun!!

creative kerfuffle said...

sometimes i remember my dreams right when i wake up but then when i go to tell someone about them they slip away. the girl woke up yesterday, earlier than usual. the hubs asked her what she was doing up and she said, i couldn't dream anymore so i got up.

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