Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Thoughts

- Now I don't know what you all thought of the movie,and I know I am wayyyy late in watching it,but JC and I watched 'Marley & Me' yesterday,and I really really liked it.It was one of Owen Wilson's best movies in my mind,since he was funny,but not as ridiculous as he can sometimes get.Even Jennifer Aniston was cute in it.But obviously the star of the whole thing is Marley (and the 22,yes 22,dogs that played his part).My mom's neighbour lady had to have her 18 year old labrador,Goldie,put to rest a few months back,and I bawled my eyes out,seeing the same thing happen to Marley.Even JC had tears in his eyes.

- Onto less serious matters.I did my laundry on Friday night,which made me not have much to do on Saturday morning (usually I do laundry on Saturday.The whole day,since my washing machine is a sadistic asshole).Anyway,JC had to work on Saturday,so I was alone at home the whole day.Extreme boredom.I am so used to having JC with me all day Saturday,that when he wasn't there,I automatically started to miss him and not have anything to do with myself.So I cleaned a bit,watched a bit of tv,until my sister and her boyfriend eventually came over for drinks.Well,a few drinks turned into plenty,and let's just say I had more than my fair share.But by the time I got home at 2am,I was nearly completely sober again,and I just fell into bed.

- I made a very specialized (ie.poorman's) pizza on Saturday.It came out so well that after having the leftovers on Sunday morning,I made another pizza,exactly like the first,for lunch.

- JC made us steak for dinner,and I made mashed potatoes.I am not a fan of steak at all,and we had no sauce to make it in.But we made a plan out of what was available (brown onion soup powder and apricot jam) and made a really good sauce.It ended up being the best steak I've ever eaten.JC was very pleased with himself.Deservedly so.

- Like I've said before,the apartment we live in is part of a house that as turned into 4 apartments (1 x bachelors' apartment,1 x 1-bedroom apartment and 2 x 2-bedroom apartments).Well,we are considering moving into the one 2-bedroom apartment,if the man living there moves out (his wife died on Friday).I know it's really premature even thinking about it,and I don't even know if we can afford it yet.And I really love our tiny little apartment,but the truth is,I would love that one extra room.To put all my extra crap in,all the crap that I now somehow store in all the little spaces that our apartment has to offer.But this makes the place look much more untidy than it really is,so an extra room would be an awesome storage space.Please pray it all works out (not just for us,but for our poor neighbour).

- I am very happy about work this week,since my nemesis (otherwise know as the receptionist) is away on another holiday this week.This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside,even though I have to answer the phone the whole time now.


Elizabeth Marie said...

Marley and Me KILLED me...water works!

I'm glad the yucky receptionist will be gone! YAY! :)

And poormans pizza sounds GOOD!

Christyrenee said...

I just watched it on Saturday night and thought it was cute. Def made me cry a lot at the end!!!

creative kerfuffle said...

i liked marley and me too. it was a good flick. LOVED that house they moved to towards the end! OMG--i want that house!

La Belette Rouge said...

I couldn't watch Marle and Me. I am too much of a wuss. Movies where people die I can take. I cannot take movies in which animals do.

Good luck on the apt. I hope you can swing it!

Awesome Sara said...

ooo this is a chic flick i dont watch those. sorry!!!

Namine said...

I cried lots at the end of the movie. Definitely Owen Wilson best movies.
Good luck with the apartment..

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