Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The results

*not mine*

So yeah,I need to have jaw surgery,IF I am up to it.The orthodontist basically said surgery is the only thing that can correct my bite the best,with braces for 2 years after the surgery.

This is all good and well,but I am seriously doubting my medical fund will cover this,so it's all at the mercy of them.If they deny me,then I'll just have to go through life with my weak chin and weak jaw.

Because according to the orthodontist,I have a really weak chin that grew completely wrong.I felt kind of insulted,since I'd never even realised this,but I also remembered he was only saying it out of a medical standpoint.But still,I really didn't need something else,physical,to obsess about.


Anonymous said...

What a pain. Does it affect you not having the operation?

La Belette Rouge said...

When will you find out if they approve it?

drollgirl said...

i have never heard of such a thing! horrors!!!!! i wonder what happens/how you feel if you don't get the surgery? eke! i am so sorry! what a total fucking pain in the ass!

creative kerfuffle said...

really? i don't think you have a weak chin, but then i'm not a dentist. are you in pain from this?

Namine said...

OMG surgery that's ... wow

what are you going to do

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